This tournament will count towards FIDE ELO ratings. It will be held in 10 rounds, played in the Swiss system.

The “Bilbao” scoring system (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) will be used.

The rate of play will be a total of 90 minutes with 30 extra seconds per move and player for the whole game.

This tournament will take place in Campos Elíseos Theatre (Bertendona 3 bis, Bilbao) (

Any player who arrives at the chessboard 60 minutes after the start of the round shall lose the game

In case of discrepancy or missunderstanding, the valid rules will be those writen in Spanish.

Ties in the final standings will be resolved according to the following FIDE tie-break systems:

  1. Brazilian. The sum of points earned by the player’s opponents, discarding the lowest.
  2. Median. The sum of points earned by the player’s opponents, discarding the highest and lowest.
  3. Bucholz. The sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player.
  4. Sum of progresive scores. The sum of the score round after round. If the tie continues, rounds will be disregarded, starting from the first one.

Once the last round ends, the order of these tie-break system will be drawn. If the player are still tied after applying all these tie-break systems, the final order will be drawn.

Players are not allowed to agree draw before the 30th move, unless the chief arbiter authorises it. According to the FIDE Tournaments Regulation (C.0.6, article 10 e), the chief arbiter may punish players who agree on the results. In this event, the game will be declared lost by both players (0-0) and the FEDA (Spanish Federation) will be informed to study the need for any disciplinary actions.
There will be a maximum of 3 “byes” per player. There will be no “byes” in rounds 9 and 10. An unexcused absence will lead to the player’s withdrawal from the tournament.
After each round, the standings and next round’s pairings will be published at Pairings will be performed with VEGA chess tournament administration program and no objection to them will be accepted, except when incorrect results have been used to produce it, in that case the chief arbiter must be informed at most 1 hour after the end of the round.
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